Living Island is a very very old island and thus has a history of clusters of people arriving at certain points in time. Many lost boats and planes found refuge on the island throughout the years. Located in an area not unlike the Bermuda Triangle, they became permanently stranded there. Everyone since then has died of natural deaths, ‘accidental’ deaths, and yes, some were even murdered. It is time for a new generation, new blood, you.

The spirits of former inhabitants who did not have the luxury of dying a natural death, haunt each dwelling on the island. There are also several documented spirits wandering the rest of the island. No one is exempt from being possessed and those who are either more in tune with supernatural phenomenon or just incredibly gullible, easy to take advantage of or naïve are at a higher risk of possession. The ghosts can’t always be seen and tend to hide away when there are large groups gathered.

All spirits listed below have been known to possess Islanders unless stated otherwise.

Ghosts that Wander the Entire Island

No one is sure how Kelly died, not even s/he knows. Kelly simply wanders the island wondering where s/he is and who or what s/he is.

Jonah also wanders the entire island. He is an Extra Super Homicidal Maniac Ghost or ESHMG. One should steer clear if he is coming, and you will hear him coming… because he’s an Extra

Super Homicidal Maniac Ghost.

Hopseed Hovel

Hopseed’s local spirit is named Paulina. Story has it: One little spastic girl jumping on the bed, she fell off and… well… you know the rest.

Chitalpa Chalet

Chitalpa’s spirit dweller is Yamiko. Originally from another cabin at the time, this kleptomaniac electrocuted herself to death by accident while stealing her Chitalpa neighbor’s taser.

Redrock Villa

Redrock’s is occupied by a ghost with a obsessive compulsive disorder. Armaan was so incredibly sleepy one night, he forgot to lock the door… thirty-five times… or at all, and was eaten by a very hungry Rosebud.

Snowdrift Hut

Snowdrift is haunted by the spirit of a jealous ghost. Originally from a neighboring cabin, Bob learned that his wife was cheating with a resident of Snowdrift. Planning to kill the rat bastard, Bob got a knife and immediately went to get his revenge. Unfortunately, on the way up the stairs of Snowdrift Hut, poor Bob slipped and fell on his own knife.

Dogwood Cabin

Tiger is truly a unique spirit to the island and he belongs only to Dogwood Cabin. This house cat was stranded on the island with his master and was literally scared to death, poor thing.

Chateau d' Haut

Former inhabitants of the Chateau have noted the existence of a spirit residing within the fort. The resident ghost of the Chateau is Fiona who died of alcohol poisoning… or possibly drunkenly falling over the western balcony and being skewered by a pointy tree branch.

Reports also state that several ghosts can be seen down by the river from the Chateau’s balconies and windows.

Grotto Manor

There are two known ghosts that have thus far been reported. The first known ghost is ‘The Deer Hunter’. He was mauled by a wild Sitatunga just in front of the mouth of the cave. His spirit resides there today, and he is the one who keeps the wild mammals of the island from entering the cave. (The Deer Hunter is not a ghost who possesses.)

The second known ghost is Nathan. Simply put, Nathan is a teenaged emo ghost who died by choking on his eyeliner pencil.

There have been sightings of two other ghosts. Reports say that one of them is possibly hostile, but there is no further information.


Strange places and things discovered on the Island:

Sousuke’s traps: upon arrival at each new cabin (and then a few caves as well) Sousuke installed makeshift security systems. Most are still in effect.

Fruit afro - discovered by Gon, he drank a sports drink from the soda machine and grew apples in his hair.

Bearded Fruit - Dark orange colored fruit in a shape of a peach, instantly makes the one who ate it, grow a beard. The time it takes to affect you is 2 hours. The growth of the beard gets quicker, each day. However there is an antidote. To get rid of this abnormal and uncontrollable beard. You have to eat the bark of the fruit's tree for a whole week.

Puppet Berries - small bunched berries in deep red to black color. Discovered by Saionji, these cause the person to be completely open to suggestion from anyone. In other words, you tell them to jump off a cliff, they will and cheerfully so. If you ask them to walk on their hands from one side of camp to the other they will (so long as they have the ability of course) this is of course limited to things the person is capable of doing. Asking them to jump a building in a single bound will not be possible for the majority of the characters though they might try and smash headlong into the wall.

Pirate nuts - nuts that when consumed make the eater speak like a pirate for twenty four hours. Discovered by Killua

Magic Tiki Statue -  Discovered by Saionji, The magic Tiki statue is small, about as big as a DVD case. It will grant whoever is currently possessing it as many wishes as the person wants.

But, of course, the wishes are going to be just a liiiittle bit skewed. If someone wishes to get off the island, they will magically appear twenty feet above the ocean and fall down into jellyfish-infested waters and have to swim back to shore. If they wish for dough, they'll have bread falling on their faces while they sleep. If they wish for bucks, the deer will appear, so on and so forth. Which isn't to say that the Tiki is a bad thing. If you phrase your wishes right, you'll get something helpful. Like wishing for an umbrella on a really rainy day. (Just be careful not to get speared by it when the umbrella falls out of the sky.)

Weather - the weather on the island is rather ambiguous. It can go months being warm and temperate and in a matter of a few moment, dump eight feet of snow down upon the unsuspecting inhabitants.

Full Monty Virus - a mist that descends onto the island occasionally, eating away at any fabric that one might use for clothing. This affliction is Island induced only.

The boat in the tree. No one is sure why it's there but somehow it ended up in a tree. This was discovered by Moroheiya, an Ouran student.

Tentacle plants (aka the plants that don't like cotton) Originally discovered by Gon, when it tried to rip his clothes off, he determined them to dislike cotton greatly. Later attacking the Hitatchiin twins, it was clear it had a much more sinister purpose.

The Ghosts of Living Island

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